Two Stage Oil Injection Screw Aircompressor(Fixed Speed and VSD)

Model               AOE Series
Working Power       55-280【KW】
Free Air delivery   1.9-74.81【m3/min】
Working pressure    4.0-13.0 【bar】

• Designed for market demand and operating conditions, the main components of the compressor system are imported from Europe, using European standard assembly line production.
• Low energy consumption. Energy efficiencylevel reaches first-class energy efficiency. Two-stage screw air compressors can save energy by 5-8% compared with single-stage compression. Reduce internal leakage, improve volumetric efficiency; reduce bearing load, increase bearing life, and extend the life of the main engine.
• Durable and stable air end: two-stage integrated air end, third-generation asymmetric rotor technology; suitable for medium-pressure compression ratio matching, high volumetric efficiency; adopt heavy-duty bearings, and the rotor is well stressed; two-stage rotors are respectively passed gear drive, so that each stage of the rotor has the best linear speed; using a large rotor, low speed design, low noise and low vibration.