Power Industry


control valve

Pneumatic valves and rollers can be used in various production fields.


By mixing compressed air, materials can be handled and transported more easily.

Filter cleaning

Compressed air is used for reverse air injection cleaning to extend service life and reduce downtime while maintaining filter cleanliness.


Raw material processing

Compressed air is considered safe and accessible, therefore it is used to handle hazardous materials such as reactor rods.

Fluidized bed combustion

By using circulating fluidized bed technology, sulfur and nitrogen oxides can be emitted from the fireplace at low emission rates while burning high sulfur products.

The volumetric blower provides fluidized air for the fluidized bed outlet, siphon, and soda ash cooler.

Exhaust cooler

The exhaust of condensate requires the removal of air and non condensable gases from the steam space of the condensate in the power generation facility. The purpose of removing these gases is to maintain the minimum back pressure of the turbo compressor. The equipment used for this operation is key to ensuring the efficient operation of fossil fuel and nuclear power generation facilities.

Flue gas desulfurization

In power generation facilities, continuous flow of low-pressure air is used to remove sulfur dioxide from the flue gas. Compressed chamber gas solutions must be highly reliable and energy-efficient to ensure continuous pollution control and the operation of power generation facilities.