Food And Beverage

Compressed air is usually considered the fourth largest public energy source and widely used in all fields of food and beverage manufacturing and processing

Pumps and other production machinery are used to produce different gases.


When bottling beer, it is necessary to minimize the residual oxygen content in the beer.

Rinse with carbon dioxide and fill with beer. This method consumes more dioxin.

To serve the needs of the energy industry, we need to 'most importantly, send a couplet of prosperity and prosperity,',

The bottle is filled with carbon dioxide and beer through a long filler. In this case, the can tube is inserted into the bottle, and the air in the bottle is discharged before the bottle is placed. This method significantly reduces carbon dioxide consumption, as most

Oxygen has been removed.

Filling bottle blowing

High pressure oil-free compressed air is fed into the blow molding machine, where the preform is heated and the plastic is stretched to form the bottle.

Finished product processing

Heavenly use pneumatic hoist and gas red, quickly moving products, keeping pace with modern production processes.

Food feeder

Food distribution products use compressed air to fill products, such as cakes, pies, and liquid products.

Fluid pump

Compressed air control pumps (such as diaphragm pumps) are used to move liquid products during production and filling processes.

Nitrogen production

Nitrogen gas is produced from the compressed air provided by the dedicated chamber air compressor. The compressor is installed at the beginning of the system, allowing compressed air to pass through the filter group, remove impurities, and enter the nitrogen generator. The filtered air then passes through the filter to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules to produce high-purity nitrogen gas.

Air knife

Compressed air is used as a cleaning medium for cutting products. It is also used to peel fruits and onions and other products.


Filters are used to filter and clean liquids. Liao filtration membrane [nanofiltration]_ The selection of ultrafine method or microfiltration should be greater than the product requirements. For example, due to the pressure difference between the clarified solution and the pan permeable solution, cross flow filtration requires the material to be placed on the membrane surface value ring. During the filtration process, the cross flow velocity of the pump gradually removes particles deposited on the membrane surface, and D reduces polarization phenomenon by 4 at the maximum limit.

Map storage and packaging

In order to prevent fruit or meat from being mixed, we have stored them in the refrigerator under so-called controlled conditions: the refrigerator is ventilated and filled with sexual gases. Emotional gases can also be carefully shrunk into packaging materials.

Charging sealing machine

When you put special drinks, cosmetics, and drugs into a bottle, you must first empty the air in the bottle and then put it in to ensure that the product that reaches the container is the best.


The surrounding pressure has a mechanical effect on the product, which can significantly change its external opening.

Therefore, map processing methods have been selected in the field of Xu Xue application. During this process, the product is purchased in oxygen free packaging. Product packaging in bubbles

The packaging is smiling and then placed in a vacuum chamber to exhaust the chamber air. Then inject the adjusted gas into the bubble wrap and seal the food with a protective film:

If this method is used, even after long-term storage, the food will remain intact, while the meat products will remain red and tender.

Vacuum cleaning

The packaging process requires a large number of vacuum pumps, not only in terms of air emissions, but also in terms of removing water vapor, fat, and mixed spices. Due to the high requirements for taste, color, nutritional balance, and shelf life, vacuum is increasingly used in meat processing, such as filling machines, kneading machines, and cutting machines.

Dairy processing and milking

When using the real kiln pump on the soaking product of the yogurt in the Wugong pre packaged yogurt container, install Shanzi at home. The suction cup of the machine holds the lid, separates them and moves them into place. In addition to conveying milk, the vacuum in the milking system also performs other tasks, such as connecting to the breasts of cows or sheep to support the weight of the milking equipment.

Compared to traditional oil lubrication pumps, the obvious advantage of liquid ring pumps and side flow fans is that they do not use oil. Another obvious advantage of a side flow fan is that it does not require a water pipe connection; Can be equipped with a frequency converter.

Preservation of cooked food

Fruits, vegetables, and their products, such as rice sugar feed and fruit puree, require heating a small amount of water to form degassed steam, ensuring the quality and energy efficiency of products stored in vacuum.


Bundles of cheese beans are very prone to decay, and if not fully wetted, they can turn into a pile of mud. Vacuum extraction extracts air from bundles of potatoes, then extracts water vapor, and sometimes even sweetness. This method is also used for other types of food that require humidification.

Bone removal

Before carrying out any further processing, fish and mollusks must be eviscerated and cleaned. The workbench is equipped with a suitable suction nozzle for sucking out the internal organs of fish. The central vacuum system transports a mixture of liquid and coarse particles to a filter for height separation and appropriate treatment. It is also used at home and away.

Disinfect tea and spices

Leaves and spices imported from the tropics are transported in bundles, usually containing pests, insects, fungi, and bacteria, which must be removed before processing. This is achieved by discharging piles of leaves and spices in vacuum containers. Then inject water vapor or sterilization gas.

cutting machine

Warm food is cut into small pieces and flavored with tea and other additives, and processed with jade sausage.

Adverse effects on taste and appearance. The home must not be affected by the presence of meat particles and fluids discharged together.

The degassing during the cutting and mixing process helps to prevent the oxidation of the meat mixture, thereby reducing the airflow of the sausage through vacuum degassing at approximately 100 bar.


Many foods require vacuum during processing to maintain dryness.