The use of precision high-tech equipment to manufacture electronic components is a huge capital investment for any investor, and it must always be protected from losses.

This type of equipment uses a large amount of compressed air, such as pneumatic transmission components or control intake valves. Compressed air must be oil-free and stable.

In severe cases, oil contamination of compressed air may result in significant maintenance costs or complete shutdown.

In the electronics industry, commonly used compressed air:

PCB cleaning

After the production is completed, blow the circuit board clean with air.


A pneumatic device that uses compressed air to transmit components.

Central vacuum cleaner for assembly line cleaning system

Clean industrial assembly lines using a central vacuum generated by a volumetric blower (to remove dust and debris).

Drying of electronic components

Use our technology to explode and clean electronic components such as printed circuit boards.


The circuit board is composed of transistors, brakes, etc. Complete the collection and discharge through a vacuum assisted pipette.