Paper And Printing

Air bearings for product handling

Using air bearings or pneumatic casters, heavy loads can be quickly moved using almost completely frictionless air cushions.


Compressed air is used for various printing applications through rollers.

Printing services

By controlling the printing pump and equipment with compressed air, it is safe and reliable.

Ink roller adjustment

The precise control of compressed air determines the thickness of the ink silver, which determines the thickness of the paper and is the key to ensuring the efficiency of the process.

Vacuum generation

The use of compressed chamber gas and post processing systems can effectively generate real chambers for various production processes such as product processing

Cleaning liquid surface

Pulp and paper mills use centrifugal pumps for liquid treatment, cleaning, and extraction in auxiliary service equipment/processes.

Used for pre press, mid press, and post press seats

Vacuum is necessary for various prepress applications, including preparing images and films for scanning or drying, as well as drying printed circuit boards. Many applications also require overpressure to induce printing plates or films in 1-channel automatic systems. In traditional single sheet offset printing machines, vacuum and overpressure are always required during the paper processing process, which is used to separate the paper and transport it to different colors tightly

The paper selection device of the device or quotation mark paper Tongji printing machine.

All of these applications require different amounts of air at different pressures. For example, vacuum pumps and compressors widely used in post-press applications

Side flow fan for edge folding and cutting machines.