Sewage Disposal

Backwash filtration

The compressed material is crushed through an air expansion filter bed and pumped into Qianjing

Wash water to float loose material. Suspended particles are taken away.

The compressed air in the sewage treatment facility is purified by compressing kiln gas, and oxygen enters the digestion tank of the sewage treatment plant. Better results.

The mixing and desalination of sewage sludge and oxygen filling increases gas production and shortens its residence time in the reactor. Using compressed air at higher temperatures can obtain

The process of removing dissolved salts from water and converting seawater or brackish water into waterless water. The desalination technique can be used in the Xu family's situation. The most common use is to convert salt water into drinking water for household or municipal utilities.

mud pump

With the help of a mud pump, handle hard, rough, and viscous liquids, and transfer suspended particles from one tank to another.

Suction vehicle

The vacuum pump provides the suction pressure required to discharge wastewater and clean the sewage pipeline network.

Wu Shui Wai Li

After the pollutants in the wastewater are inhaled, they can be regularly rinsed off through a pump.

The Zhongfu vacuum system can be used to treat water at the same location. All levels of water in residential areas can be collected, discharged, and treated simultaneously. Vacuum pumps can increase wastewater by 97%.

Purification and oxidation of wastewater from activated sludge tanks

More and more activated sludge tanks are being used to reduce the indoor demand and costs of sewage treatment plants. The introduction of oxygen is crucial for purifying Lingshui to the level of Guanjun. The compressor provides the compression pressure required to maximize the amount of oxygen.