Air compressors for hybrid transportation applications, including trains, trams, subways, hybrid buses, electric buses, etc. With the emphasis on reducing energy consumption and shifting towards more sustainable forms of energy, the use of electric compressors with on-demand control systems is increasing. The blade compressor is an ideal choice for new and modified transportation applications, as it is already an integrated unit that provides "plug and play" functionality.

Compressed air is also used for braking systems, suspension systems, door handles, platform leveling systems, and power signals

Rain weapon and gas king, transportation is developing towards electric trucks and trucks, which require electric compressors for braking and suspension systems

Provide air uniformly.

Dry bulk cargo

Unijus provides various compressors and blowers to achieve optimal speed and the safest loading and unloading method


The most effective and economical method of transporting materials is to remove thousands of dry granular materials from air freight containers and trucks. Particle size can be

There are significant differences in terms of terms that can be compared to someone else.

The factors that affect the correct selection include the layout of the tanker, fuel costs, and the characteristics of the unloading location.

Various machines can extract powder (cement, flour, and lime), small particles (sugar, sand) at optimal rates under low or high pressure

And salt particles (plastic and sand) and irregularly shaped materials (animal feed and mining materials).