4 In 1 And 5 In 1 Integrated Screw Aircompressor

Model               AS Series

• The integrated air compressor integrates air compressors, air dryers, precision filters, storage tanks, and other components into one.
• Anshion laser cutting special use air compressor is equipped with PLC controller, which can collect big data, through frequency conversion constant voltage control, the target pressure is controlled in a stable range. To make the laser cutting machine to achieve cutting effect of avariety of material, through constant voltage control, when using the less capacity, it can automatic reduce the power to reach the effect of energy saving.
• Compressor inlet equipped with automatic pressure relief system, ensure the unit in the case of no load safe start, prolong the service life of the compressor, effectively protect the air-end and motor from damaging, reduce the impact on the power grid.
•Suitable for supporting multiple laser cutting machines and ten thousand watt laser cuttign machines.