Water Injection Oil Free

Model   AFD Series

•  With the high-tech industry requiring higher quality air. To meet strict industry standards, Anshion Compressor has developed the AFE series oil-free compressors. Satisfying customers' higher requirements for air quality.
• AFE series can provide you with the highest purity compressed air, helping you reduce the risk to a lower level. Oil free screw air compressors are widely used in industries that require high-quality gas sources such as pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, chemicals, and packaging. 100% pure compressed air is a necessary measure to ensure process flow and product quality. You can produce your high-end products without risk and safety.
• The thermal conductivity of water is good. When lubricating water is injected into the compression chamber, the temperature will drop to within 45 ℃, close to the suction temperature.
• Replacing oil with water, achieving four major functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing, and noise reduction, providing high-quality 100% oil-free air, pollution-free, and discharged water without special treatment, meeting environmental requirements. Due to the effect of water, its compression is ideal isothermal compression, with a 15% increase in output per unit horsepower compared to a typical dry compressor.