Scroll Oil Free Aircompressor

Model   AWD Series

•  Mainly used in dental hospitals, biological laboratories, food production enterprises and other places with high quality requirements for gas. It can meet the requirements of oil-free and silent use.
Oil free vortex air compressors have a longer lifespan compared to traditional oil free piston air compressors.
• Generally, the lifespan of oil free piston air compressors is only 3000 hours, while oil free vortex air compressors can reach 30000 hours.
•Due to the fact that the output of the oil-free vortex air compressor is basically constant. The air output of traditional oil-free piston air compressors will continue to decline with the use of the machine, until there is a situation where the air volume is insufficient during use.
•The oil-free vortex air compressor is the one with the lowest noise under the same power, and the noise of the oil-free piston air compressor is much greater than that of the oil-free vortex air compressor.
•Compared to piston machines, they also have advantages such as low vibration, stable gas output, high gas output efficiency, and low energy consumption.