Oil Free Screw Blower

Model  AFB Series

• Oil-free screw blower is widely used in sewage treatment, petrochemical, cement manufacturing, spraying system, power plant, printing and other industries. It can be used in the production process of sewage aeration, gas-water recoiling, oxidation desulfurization, vulcanization/homogenization, pneumatic conveying, etc., to achieve drying, dust removal, fermentation, evaporation distillation, pneumatic conveying.
•Under the same air volume and pressure conditions, the screw blower consumes much less power. In the figure on the right, the green part represents the energy saved. Compared with the traditional Roots blower, the screw blower can save energy by 35%. The higher the pressure, the more significant the energy saving, with an average energy saving of 20%. Coupled with exquisite design and manufacture, intelligent control and variable frequency drive, the energy efficiency of oil-free screw fans is 20%-50% higher than that of Roots fans.
•High Reliability, 24 hours running. Permanent Magnet synchronous Frequency technology offers extra energy saving. PLC control, remote operation, Multi-machine control supplied.