Drilling Rig

Model     AM Series

• The drilling rig has a variety of automation functions. The Dynamic Tunnel excavation Kit is a software feature that allows drilling RIGS to create customized drilling plans directly on the tunnel surface.
The rig operator downloads the tunnel outline to the rig, along with the drilling rules file, and the rig generates its own drilling plan. This eliminates the need to send drilling plans back and forth between the office and the drilling rig.
• According to the specific tunnel section, the corresponding drilling plan is made to improve the accuracy of tunnel driving. Some products are customized by adding automation features, such as adding drill pipe or changing drill bits.
• To maintain accuracy and safety, functions such as automatic levelling and bit stop protection are also integrated. Our rig control system is operated remotely through a control panel that monitors local sensors and cameras. Operators can operate in the control room, away from dangerous areas.

In view of the difficulty and low efficiency of roadway pressure relief and gas drainage treatment, the latest mechanical cavitation equipment for coal mine is developed and produced.
The crawler type full hydraulic tunnel drilling machine is equipped with hydraulic mechanical rod jacking control principle, which is widely used in coal mine roadway rock reaming and caving relief, coal mine soft rock reaming support, rock burst control and top cutting pressure relief, as well as gas prevention and control hole bottom caving engineering of high gas soft coal seam.
The equipment adopts the hydraulic mechanical control principle outside the hole, so that the all-directional hydraulic crawler drill can provide the hydraulic jacking rod drive function, and the corresponding control valve group is arranged, and the hydraulic oil circuit, cooling water and wind are controlled by the control valve group, and the mechanical core rod is combined with the drill rod to carry out the long-distance high-thrust output driven by the thrust according to different construction needs. The mechanical reamer is actively opened at the target position of cavitation through the mechanical rod jacking drill pipe, and actively closed after completion of cavitation. The control level outside the hole of cavitation engineering is greatly improved.
The main advantages of this device are:
1, the use of hydraulic mechanical control, the use of hydrostatic water, no high pressure pump station can be completed cavitation;
2, can be used for f < 6 rock formation and other different geological conditions, a wide range of use, can meet the rock caving pressure relief, coal seam caving construction needs;
3. The mechanical control outside the cavitation greatly improves the success rate of the cavitation project;
4. The construction cost is comprehensively reduced, and the construction efficiency is more than doubled.