Explosion Proof Aircompressor

Model   AP Series

• Explosion-proof air compressor is suitable for the environment where there are explosive gases, liquids, steam, dust and other fire hazards or explosive dangerous substances. Explosion-proof air compressors can meet the requirements of electrical use in these environments. According to the different types of hazardous substances used in different places, the requirements for the explosion-proof level of air compressors are also different. The electrical equipment conforms to one or more explosion-proof types of the special standards listed in China National Standard 3836.1.
•Explosion-proof standards comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards adopted in China, Europe and most countries and regions in the world.
There are intrinsically safe type ia, ib; Enhanced safety type e; Oil-filled type o; Sand filling type q; Casting type m; Composite (such as explosion-proof distribution box class often use de combination).
•Suitable for Class I, Class II, Class III environments.
I: Coal mine gas environment
II: refers to Class II explosion-proof electrical equipment. This type of explosion-proof electrical appliance is suitable for other explosive gas environments except coal mines. (Coal mines are category I). IIA,IB, IIC can be selected according to the different gas environment.
Class III: Electrical equipment for explosive dust environments other than coal mines. ⅲClass A: Combustible floc; ⅲClass B: non-conductive dust; Ⅲ Class C: conductive dust.
Can be used in the temperature class of T1-T6 environment.