Screw + Piston Booster Air Compressor

Model               AS Series

• Anshion screw booster compressor is designed as two stage compressionand 3 stage compression, first stage adopt screw compress to 1.0Mpa toreach the effect of high efficiency, stable and energy-saving, then bypost cooler cooling and filtrating into second or third stage pistoncompressor to 4.0Mpa, through section compression, cooling and filtrating greatly improve the compress efficiency to continuously operationfor 24 hours.
• All pipeline adopts stainless pipelines to ensure the quality of air, toreduce the trouble of valve set cased by pipe rust, screw booster compression air system, improving the efficiency, low rotate, two stagewater cooled piston compressor is suitable to heavy load working condition, high reliability, long service life.
• Frequency variable air compressor, low operation cost, low energyconsumption, low maintenance cost, low unload consumption, can beautomatic adjusted by frequency variable between load and unload tosave energy.
The working principle of booster is to increase the pressure mage of original to required range,generally start pressurization range is from 2bar to 80bar, the flow rate of air is from 0.1cbmto 40cbm, more flow rate and pressure can be special designed and made.
• Booster can compress various of gas, such as air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and so on,different gas use need special illustrated and custom-made.