Oil Free Piston Medium And High Pressure Air Compressor

Model    AS Series

• This series of compressors is suitable for pressurization, pressure regulation, power and purging in the process, and can also provide a stable air source for power plants, food industry, medicine and experimental research units. The booster adopts oil-free design, the guide ring and piston ring use self-lubricating materials, oil-free lubrication, bearing parts use grease lubrication, to avoid the pollution of the gas during the compression process, gas purity.
• Microcomputer controller control, with high compressor exhaust temperature, low intake pressure, high exhaust pressure alarm shutdown function, high automation level,
• The compressor runs more reliably. Data remote display and remote control can be configured according to customer requirements.
• High-efficiency and low-noise motor, directly connected to the piston compressor, without transmission loss;  dynamic balance design, low vibration intensity.Multiple noise reduction design, calculated according to noise theory, with special flame retardant muffler cotton inside, the sound of the air compressor is very low, which can meet the requirements of indoor use.