Truck Mounted Oil Free Screw Aircompressor

Model        ATJ Series

• For the discharge of drybulk vehicles, Anshion hasa wide variety of solutionsin its range of products.Solutions that aretailormade for Europeantransporters of bulk goodsfor Industries ranging fromChemical- & Constructionthrough to the FoodIndustry. The solutionsmade by Anshion can easilybe installed onto thechassis from allmanufacturers.
•The low discharge temperatures and the completely clean oil free air guaranteethat highly sensitive and expensive products do not suffer from degradation orcontamination.
• Improve delivery efficiency.
• High performance silencing, mini mising noise, is of greatimportance when discharging for instance flour within residential areas through toanimal feeds within the Poultry-Industry.
• For the transportation of bulk goods in the Food-Industry Anshion offers not only awide range of ATJ Series compressors in various drive formats and configurations,but also an all-round service of initial installation through a European-wide servicepartner net.