Stationary Screw Aircompressor In Concrete Mixing Plant

Model     ATJ Series

• Low pressure powder conveying air compressor is widely used in cement plant, mixing station, bulk cement storage, commercial concrete station, textile industry, loading and unloading wharf and so on.
• The screw type powder air compressor is composed of a pair of parallel toothed Yin and Yang rotors (i.e. screw) rotating in the cylinder, so that the air between the rotor tooth slots constantly produces low pressure gas, blowing the powder to produce fluidity.
• Screw air compressor uses electric energy drive instead of diesel engine drive, greatly reducing environmental pollution.
• Screw air compressor in the use of stable gas volume, there will be no reduction in gas volume, no wearing parts, maintenance costs greatly reduced, more cost-effective.
• The structural characteristics of screw air compressor can run continuously for 24 hours; Compared with the traditional pendulum air compressor, the noise is less.
• Ground flour screw air compressor can safely and smoothly complete the loading and unloading of powder through the gas pipeline.