Classification Society Certified Aircompressor

Model  ASC Series

• Anshion's Marine air compressors are certified by China Classification Society.
Marine air compressors can be used to blow off sea valves, oil residue tanks, used as whistles, pneumatic tools for torpedo launching, submarine diving and floating.
• Start the air
Screw air compressors compress air as a powerful and storable energy source to start large diesel engines. Although air is used at a lower pressure of less than 150psi, it is usually stored at high pressure so that space is used rationally while still allowing enough volume for multiple start-up attempts.
• Control instrument and working gas
There are many systems and processes on board that require compressed air. Engine emission monitoring system, throttle control, control valve, etc. Of course, these are just a few of the many uses and applications of air compressors on ships.
• Hull lubrication
When a ship moves water, it encounters resistance, and compressed air is needed. Low pressure air is blown through the small holes to create a layer of air between the hull and the water to reduce the resistance of the ship and ensure the speed of the ship.
• Make inert gas
Ships that use LNG as a fuel source or transport need to cover their fuel tanks with nitrogen to prevent explosions. Instead of bringing nitrogen tanks on board, it is important to produce nitrogen on site. Therefore, ships must first install air compressors.