Single Stage Oil Injection Screw Aircompressor(Fixed Speed And VSD)

AOE Series
Working Power       7.5-200【KW】
Free Air delivery   0.2-70.2【m3/min】
Working pressure    2.1-3.0 【bar】/ 8.0-16.0 【bar】

• By leveraging advanced VFD technology, the UD-VPM series precisely controls torque and temperature across a wide range of speeds, ensuring optimal performance for your compressed air needs. Combined with our innovative Vector Frequency control technology, these comressors deliver exceptional electromagnetic torque control, resulting in highly efficient frequency conversion, low temperature operation, and significant.
• Integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and after cooling. Adopt high-efficiency and low-noise internal rotor axial fan, with large cooling air flow, low noise, faster cooling effect, and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
• Cyclone type internal and external oil separator design, improve the initial separation efficiency, winding oil design, low pressure loss, reduce air oil content, long service life.