Air curtain

Use compressed air as an air source to create a safe and clean area.

Control cylinder

Control the equipment during the manufacturing process by controlling the star box and compressed air.

Material Handling

Use compressed air systems in volatile environments with no risk of explosion.

Nitrogen production

Nitrogen gas is generated by filtering compressed air through a membrane.

Process air

Compressed air comes into direct contact with the product to clean, inflate, and move the product.

Product drying

Mix compressed air with the product to accelerate the drying process.

Thin layer evaporation

Also known as molecular evaporation, used for separation

Substances with a smaller boiling range. This type of equipment is specifically designed to operate only under certain vacuum levels.

Solvent recovery

Due to environmental reasons, it is necessary to treat solvent contaminated wastewater. The simplest method is true chamber distillation, where the low boiling point fraction is evaporated and

Condensate and then transport the wastewater to other places for future use.