The vacuum used in the packaging process is generated by compressed air and is also used to move food and ingredients in the conveying system.

Air cushion machine

The membrane tubes are welded together and filled with compressed air to form an air cushion. These mats can be used as protective mats.

Blister packaging

Bubble films are usually bonded by vacuum.

Vacuum cleaning

When filling drinks, cosmetics, and drugs into bottles, the first step is to empty them


The air to ensure that what reaches Ronghu's hands is the best.


When packaging the product, a vacuum pump will be used to empty the air from the packaging material before sealing it. Appropriate secondary sealing can provide the best protection for products in transit and ensure the delivery of products to Chunhu (such as electronic components and drugs)

Free from bacteria and dust.

Food packaging

The air and oxygen in the atmosphere have adverse effects on the quality and warranty period of fresh products. Therefore, the process requires authenticity, and the typical vacuum application in this industry is vacuum packaging. The vacuum pump empties the air from the packaging before sealing. Vacuum pumps are suitable for various industrial packaging machines, such as pouring machines, forming machines, rotating conveyor belts, and sealing machines


The liquid ring chamber pump and volumetric vacuum blower are used for packaging production, especially to properly form the plastic layer (self-protection water burst and drainage).

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAR) and Storage

The MAP processing method has been chosen in numerous application fields. Therefore, the MAP process method has been chosen by many application fields. In this

Jincheng City Guangchan

We will incorporate the strict provincial standards into the packaging of the gas market, while incorporating the full set of oil and gas into our products.

Then inject the adjusted air into the foam weight packaging bag and use a protective film to seal the food. By using this left side method, food will maintain a larger storage mouth: meat products will remain red fish and soft.

Subtractive Gongyin Tan

A real room that reduces the volume of transported or packaged products by hand. For example, the new clothes in vacuum shrink packaging have greatly increased the capacity of trucks and incubators.