Medical Equipment

Pneumatic medical devices

Compressed air serves as a power source in sensitive areas where electrical equipment may interfere with sensitive medical equipment.

Air separation

Filter compressed air through a diaphragm to generate clean medical gas.

Inhalation of air

By air filtration

carry For high quality of

Breathable air.

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Compact and very lightweight dental equipment can be easily and accurately controlled through compressed air.

Laboratory Applications

Compressed air is safe and clean, making it suitable for many laboratory conditions.

Sterilization equipment

Use filtered clean air to disinfect the equipment.

Gas bed

Gas heat bed is used for long-term facial bed, which may affect 51 patients with sea ulcers. The use of air can reveal the condition of good governance and fools.



The bed view of Qi can keep the skin dry and quickly agree. Meanwhile, some airbags may inflate, while another

Some will deflate, thereby changing the pressure on the skin and helping to prevent bedsores.

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after area field

An air cushion bed can also help locate patients based on treatment and personal care needs.

Zhongwei Vacuum Suntong

The central vacuum system is used in hospitals and mobile surgical centers to discharge liquids generated during the manual process. A height divider has been installed in the operating room to separate small particles from large particles. If the operating room is small, the vacuum center can be installed in a remote location.

Strictly lower the chair

Compressed air can lift the air cushion in the chair, making it easier for elderly patients to stand.

The lift chair can also help caregivers provide the best care possible.