Wood Processing

Holding and lifting

The workpiece is automatically clamped on the workbench by the suction head, ensuring safe operation. A stable and continuous minimum chamber must be generated to ensure that the workpiece is tightened during the machining process.


Before and after wood processing, it is necessary to prevent environmental influences such as heat, water, insects, and microorganisms from damaging the wood. The disadvantage of the common practice of immersing wood in anti commercial liquids is that the liquid only penetrates into the wood a few millimeters. However, if a vacuum pump is used for degassing and drying wood, maximum protection can be achieved. Then preservatives can be transported deep into the port for optimal protection.

Wood dryer

In traditional large wood drying, the vacuum Qianbao machine can usually reduce the drying time from zero to three to four weeks. In the fragrant and overflowing season, the medical power of Qianbao Qin is gradually reduced to the lowest level. Pressurize the dryer with hot water and air, and then exhaust the chamber air to prevent wood from cracking and discoloration due to high oxygen content. The high center blower looks at the water vapor in the ring and transmits the heat to the wood. In addition, the cold vapor condensate will be discharged from the drying chamber.